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You'll Never Walk Alone

At Active254 Consulting we understand what it means to find yourself in new spaces, a new environment or country, where you have to overcome numerous barriers to success. We know how challenging it can be to navigate through the forest to find your way to your destination.

We also know that life is a journey, and all of us experience it differently. Some people walk, others run, while others drive or fly. However, many of us need a partner or a guide to walk with us; to help us navigate complex and competitive landscapes or systems, so that we can overcome the barriers that may be beyond our control.

Research shows that many individuals (particularly from minority communities) face major challenges in addressing their social determinants of health. Often they do not receive adequate care when visiting healthcare facilities, resulting in poor patient experiences characterized by misdiagnoses, medical errors and poor outcomes. On the other hand, many hospitals and health systems desire to deliver greater value for their stakeholders, and many entrepreneurs desire to profit from their ventures. 

Active254 Consulting was established in 2021 to enable vulnerable people overcome barriers such as those imposed by health conditions, disabilities, minority, refugee or immigration status. We support small and minority business owners who cannot afford to hire high fee consultants, so they can build their brands and exploit niche markets. We also strive to improve the health system by coaching and training teams in innovative models, frameworks and methodologies so that vulnerable people will have satisfactory experiences whenever they encounter the system as opposed to falling through the cracks.

Through business development, patient care coordination and health system improvement, we hope to enable vulnerable people enjoy better quality of life



       Let us be your confidential and trusted guide...learn how:

1. We help develop solutions designed to protect and promote good health and improve patient experience and satisfaction.

2. We empower business owners  to take control of their economic wellbeing so that they can be able to address their social determinants of health, such as paying for health insurance.

3. We engage hospitals and health systems in stakeholder value creation in order to achieve health equity , high reliability  and sustainability


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